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Britni de la Cretaz

I'm a freelance writer.

Social justice, baseball, parenting, addiction & recovery, trauma.

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The MLB's Own Policies Say The Cleveland Indians' Mascot Should ...

"Early this week, Major League Baseball announced that it would be banning the hazing rituals involving players dressing up as women. The new policy, titled the Anti-Hazing and Anti-Bullying Policy, outlaws the practice, which is common in clubhouses as a rite of passage for rookie players."

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On Mother’s Day, Mothers Who Have Lost Children To Violence March To Remember

"My son was murdered publicly, so I wasn’t going to celebrate or grieve privately.”

Herpes6 article

Living With Herpes, In Nine Vignettes - The Establishment

Life with an HSV diagnosis.

Salary lead article

What We’re Not Talking About When We Talk About Salary Negotiation

Why one-size-fits-all is not the right approach for fixing gender gaps in employee compensation.