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I'm a freelance writer.

Social justice, baseball, parenting, addiction & recovery, trauma.

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From ignoramus radio talkers to bigoted fans and a checkered past, Boston baseball has a race problem.

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Teen Vogue

How Jessica Mendoza Became ESPN's First Female MLB Analyst ...

What a day in the life of Jessica Mendoza, ESPN's first female Major League Baseball analyst, is like.

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Is There Still a Place for Ladies Night in Baseball? - VICE Sports

From what to call the events to facing social media backlash, hosting Ladies Night at the ballpark can be a minefield for baseball organizations.

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Confronting Anxiety Through Baseball | Literary Hub

Two new books at the fraught intersection of sports and mental illness.

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Claire Smith, a Baseball and Sports Writing Pioneer, Gets Her Due ...

The First Woman Is Inducted Into the Writers’ Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and She Won’t Be the Last

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The Mothers Who Lost Their Children To Police Brutality

“It tore my world apart. The same people who are supposed to help took my child's life”

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Thanks To Sexism, We Still Need “A League of Their Own” 25 Years Later

Thanks To Sexism, We Still Need “A League of Their Own" 25 Years Later

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Pacific Standard

Can Defendants Convicted by Tainted Evidence Ever Truly Be Free?

As Massachusetts begins to unravel the fallout of 40,000 convictions obtained with tainted evidence, a bigger question looms: Can the state really do justice by those defendants?

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Women Lawyers Are Being Driven To Drink

The highly competitive field is a breeding ground for addiction problems.

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Rolling Stone

History of the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower - Rolling Stone

Super Bowl XXI champion New York Giants turned dumping the ice-cold drink on coaches into the ultimate celebration.

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The MLB's Own Policies Say The Cleveland Indians' Mascot Should ...

"Early this week, Major League Baseball announced that it would be banning the hazing rituals involving players dressing up as women. The new policy, titled the Anti-Hazing and Anti-Bullying Policy, outlaws the practice, which is common in clubhouses as a rite of passage for rookie players."

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This FBI Snitch Loved Selling Out Her Communist Friends - Vice

The new book 'Undercover Girl' tells the lost story of photographer-turned-fink Angela Calomiris, who hoped for fame, money, and prestige, and got none of it.

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Rolling Stone

ESPN's Jessica Mendoza Just Wants to Call Some Postseason Baseball

"As much as I want to be like, 'It's just baseball, I'm just another person,' unfortunately it's not that way," ESPN's Jessica Mendoza says.

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Rolling Stone

Cleveland Indians, MLB to discuss Chief Wahoo Logo

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and the Cleveland Indians will discuss the team's Chief Wahoo logo this off-season.